Kristen Bell Joins Jimmy Fallon To Celebrate The Launch Of Disney+ With A Medley Of Classic Disney Songs

Fallon And Bell Went Through Everyone’s Favorite Disney Songs In Chronological Order

November 14, 2019

Theo Wargo/NBC / Stringer

The highly anticipated launch of Disney+ finally occurred this week, but not without a tad bit of controversy. While the new streaming service has dealt with technical issues and formatting pains, most fans celebrated the arrival of all the Disney content. Jimmy Fallon took his celebration to another level, having Kristen Bell join him for a medley of classic Disney tunes.

Kristen Bell stopped by ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ on Tuesday to celebrate her Disney family’s new streaming service. The two sang through a medley of songs, chronologically taking the audience through a number of Disney classics. The two started with 1940’s ‘Pinocchio,’ and went all the way through the hit song from the film Bell stars in, ‘Frozen.’

While the order of movies wasn’t perfect, thanks to Disney’s 90’s revival era, and all the remakes and sequels that have been done, it still gave fans a glimpse of all Disney’s greatness. Luckily, Disney+ is now available, so fans can enjoy all the nostalgia. Hopefully the technical errors get fixed soon, and the Disney magic can truly begin.

Via The Week