Man Offering $25k To Anyone Who Can Help Him Find A Girlfriend

The Entrepreneur Set Up A Website To Help Find Him A Girlfriend

February 13, 2020


Dating in 2020 can be pretty difficult, even with all the dating apps and avenues to find another person. However, even with all these opportunities, one man has decided he’s had enough, creating a website to help find himself a girlfriend. The man is offering $25,000 to anyone who can help him find someone to spend the rest of his life with.

Jeff Gebhart is a 47 year old man living in Kansas, and while he has found success in his professional life, he’s looking for some help with his dating life. Gebhart created a website dedicated to helping him find a girlfriend, and is offering $25k to anyone who can help him. “The main objective of this is to find the right girl for me, wherever she is,” said Gebhart.

His website,, incudes a survey to see if potential suiters are compatible with Gebhart. “You have a big number that apply, you put them through a Willy Wonka machine and the ones that come out are the ones that would be great candidates for me,” he said of his experiment. While some online have made jokes at Gebhart’s expense, some are already offering up friends in hopes of claiming the $25k.

Via People