[Video] Man Runs Into His Doppelganger At Friend’s Wedding

The Two Men Had Never Met Before This Hilarious Viral Video

September 12, 2019

James Woodson

Running into one’s doppelganger can be a jarring experience, especially if that person is also dressed identically to their look-alike. That’s exactly what happened recently at a wedding in Malaysia when one of the attendees spotted a man not only dressed like him, but looked exactly like him from head to toe. Luckily, one of the men recorded the encounter, and the video has quickly gone viral.

Azly Yozof was at his friend’s wedding in Malaysia over the weekend, when he noticed one of the other guests had a very familiar look. As he got closer, Yozof realized not only did the man look exactly like him, but they two were both wearing red shirts and similar style glasses. Yozof’s friend quickly captured video of the two spotting each other and Azly Yozof couldn’t help but bust out laughing from the experience.

“Me and Azly are the groom's childhood friends and the other man was his friend from work,” said Yozof’s friend who recorded the encounter. Apparently the two share no relation at all and up until the wedding day had never met or even seen each other. Now that they have met though, the doppelgangers plan to hang out again in the future.

Via Fox News