Man Files Paperwork To Have Beer Registered As His Official Emotional Support Animal

The Beer Loving Traveler Said He Just Wanted To See If It Worked

January 23, 2020

Ирина Мещерякова

For some people, traveling without an emotional support animal is nearly impossible, but for one man, he claims needs a beer by his side to travel. A Brooklyn man is making news after attempting to register beer as his official emotional support animal. While many are claiming it won’t work, the man says he just wanted to find a way to bring beer onto the train when he travels for work.

Floyd Hayes, of Brooklyn, New York, has gone viral after attempting to register a beer as his emotional support animal. “I travel from upstate to Brooklyn a lot, and on the bus they say it's a federal crime to smoke or have an alcoholic beverage unless by prior written contest, and I always wondered where you get that consent,” said Hayes. According to the report, Hayes claims beer helps him with his traveling anxiety, much like a dog would.

Experts claim that even with this official certification, Hayes still probably won’t be able to drink on the bus. “This will not get you into Walmart, it will not get you into Denny’s, it will only protect you where you’re renting,” claimed an employee at the registration office. While Hayes won’t get to start traveling with beer, it was worth a shot to make his bus trips go by quicker.

Via Fox News