Wisconsin Man Surprises Neighbor With Beer Delivered By RC Car

The Video Of The Man Made Beer Delivery System Has Been Viewed Over 6 Million Times

March 26, 2020


For every beer lover, they dream of the coming up with the perfect way to retrieve a new beer without having to get up. Some have tried training their pet to get the beer, while others come up with mechanical beer deliver systems. For one man in Wisconsin, he came up with the perfect way to share beers with his neighbor, without ever leaving his home.

Eric Trzcinski of Wisconsin, a self-described “car guy” came up with the perfect way to deliver beer to his friend across the street. As seen in the video, Trzcinski strapped a spare exhaust tip to the back of an RC car, which acted as a cup holder for the traveling beer. All he told his neighbor, Trevor Reinke, was to start filming when his garage opened, and his reaction was priceless.

The video has since gone viral, as even with a bit of traffic on their street; the car is able to make it to the neighboring home without issue. While many are stuck at home, this beer delivery system will allow for friends to share a beer, while remaining a safe distance away from each other.

Via Fox News