MLB Team Mocks Astros Cheating Scandal By Playing Ace Of Base ‘The Sign’ During Warmups

The Atlanta Braves Played The Song While The Houston Astros Were On The Field Before The Game

March 12, 2020

Sergio Flores / Stringer

Baseball opening day is only a few weeks away, and one of the biggest stories going into the 2020 season will be how teams and fans react to the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Many have speculated what might happen after the Astros were accused of stealing signs during their 2017 World Series run. Now, the trolling has officially begun, as the Atlanta Braves decided to play Ace of Base ‘The Sign’ during warmups before playing the Astros.

The Houston Astros were warming up at CoolToday park, before their spring training game against the Atlanta Braves, when the home team decided to play the hit song from the 90’s as a distraction. In the now viral video, Astros players can be seen warming up on the field as ‘The Sign’ plays over the stadium speakers. The video was shared by the twitter profile, ‘2020 Astros Shame Tour,’ which is dedicated to seeing how teams and fans retaliate to the cheating scandal.

Fans around the country have already begun relentlessly booing and yelling at Astros players during spring training games, and it’s only expected to get worse during the season. At least now they have a soundtrack for their controversial season.

Via USA Today