Mother Shares Parenting Hack To Prevent Child Toy Store Freak Outs This Holiday Season

All She Does Is Have Her Daughter Take Pictures Of The Item For Santa

November 30, 2019


Anyone who has a kid has probably experience a toy store meltdown at least once. While kids don’t understand they can’t have everything in the store, parents just want to find a way to prevent a screaming incident over a toy. Luckily, one parent has come up with a parenting hack to prevent these in store freak outs.

This holiday season, plenty of kids will see something they want and yell in hopes of getting what they want. To prevent this embarrassing moment, Kristina Watts recently shared her tip to get her child not to cry at the toy store. According to Watts, she has her daughter take pictures of what she wants, so she can send it to Santa.

“Once again my camera roll is FULL of pictures of Emerson with every single thing she wants for Christmas. Why...because it’s the most amazing parenting hack ever and has stopped MANY meltdowns! If you aren’t using this hack...listen up friends,” said Watts in her post. Since sharing, her post has gone viral as many parents have said they will start using this parenting hack immediately. For any parent looking to avoid a child freak out this holiday season, this may be the perfect tip for you.

Via Fox News