National Weather Service Warns Florida Of Potential “Falling Iguanas”

Uncommonly Cold Weather In Florida Could Lead To Frozen Iguanas Falling From Trees

January 22, 2020


Florida has a few months before they have to start preparing for hurricanes again, but now there is a new form of severe weather for the state to worry about. The National Weather Service issued a warning for Florida this week, warning citizens of the potential for “falling iguanas.” Thanks to uncommonly cold weather. Floridians now have to worry about frozen iguanas falling from trees.

According to the report, Iguanas become immobilized when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. “Iguanas are cold blooded. They slow down or become immobile when temps drop into the 40s. They may fall from trees, but they are not dead," said the weather service. While the iguanas are immobile, citizens were warned to stay away, as the iguanas could still bite once they warm up.

Many were shocked by this warning, but apparently this is something Floridians have become accustomed to whenever the rare cold front comes through the Sunshine State. While the cold temperatures put iguanas at risk, the weather is expected to warm up and not harm them. Now all citizens in Florida have to worry about is avoiding getting hit in the head by a falling iguana.

Via USA Today