Ghostface To Return To The Big Screen As New ‘Scream’ Movie Is Currently In The Works

Not Much Detail Has Been Given On The New Film By Spyglass Media Group

November 7, 2019

Press Association

While remakes and reboots are all the rage in Hollywood right now, horror movies have been making sequels for years. Now, one of the most iconic horror film series is returning to the big screen. It was reported this week that a new ‘Scream’ movie is in the works by Spyglass Media Group.

It has been nearly a decade since the last ‘Scream’ film was released, and while some fans tried out the clunky ‘Scream’ television series, many fans are excited that the iconic horror film series is returning to the movie screen. Gary Barber’s Spyglass Media Group is developing the project, but any other information on the new film is currently unavailable.

Original director, Wes Cravens, passed away in 2015, and the screenwriter for the majority of the ‘Scream’ films, Kevin Williamson, are not involved with this project. It is unknown if this new story will be a continuation of the previous films, or television series, or if it will be its own new story. Still, ‘Scream’ fans are rejoicing as the iconic series will soon be returning to movie theaters across the country.

Via Screen Geek