Television News Reporter Goes Viral For His Hilarious Reaction To Seeing A Herd Of Bison Approaching

Deion Broxton Was Reporting From Yellowstone National Park When He Spotted The Bison

March 27, 2020


With all the distractions television news reporters have to deal with when they’re in public, most have become masters and not letting anything throw them off their game. However, one reporter in Montana would probably argue none of them ever tried to do a report with a herd of bison rushing towards them. Video of a newscast gone wrong went viral this week, as the reporter reacted as he noticed the bison approaching quickly.

While it’s not a person yelling out something inappropriate in the background, or a sudden change in weather, wildlife interactions may become a reporter’s worst nightmare after seeing this video. The bison are not shown in the initial video, but the reporter, Deion Broxton, can be seen quickly becoming overcome with fear as he spots the herd of bison approaching. “Oh no, I ain't messing with you," Broxton says in the video.

Broxton later shared video of the bison to prove he had good reason to be scared. The video took place at Yellowstone National Park, who later tweeted the reporter’s reaction was exactly what should be done in that scenario. Not only did Broxton survive the bison rush, but he received viral fame from his actions as well.