Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Who His Favorite Guitarist Was During His Solo Career

Ozzy Mentioned A Number Of Guitar Players, But The Top Slot Is Not Surprising

November 7, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff

Ozzy Osbourne has had quite the career, both with Black Sabbath and his solo career. While many would point to the early days with Sabbath as the most accomplished musically, Osbourne was able to maintain a commitment to musicianship and excellence thanks to some great guitar players during his solo career.

Recently, while promoting the new ‘See You on the Other Side’ box set, Ozzy revealed which guitarist was his favorite during his solo career. While his answer may not surprise you, Osbourne showed some love to all the guitarists he previous played with.

“Well, Randy Rhoads was the best. If I had to say which one of the guitar players you'd rather work with, who was the most musically trained, it was Randy, because he could write, he could read, he could play, he taught at his mother's school and he had patience with me. And he would work with me, as opposed to me having to work on top of what he put down. It was fun!" said Ozzy Osbourne. Of course, he still showed some love for his other guitar players, saying “There was Jake E. Lee, he was another great player, but then, Zakk [Wylde> is somewhere else, man! That guy gets faster and faster." Ozzy still has some great guitarists with him, but when it comes to the best, it’s clearly Rhoads.

Via Loudwire