Pabst Blue Ribbon Goes Viral For New 99 Pack Of Beer For Holidays

The New “Family Pack” Is Only Available In A Fee States, But Luckily Texas Is Included

November 21, 2019

Drew Angerer / Staff

Thanksgiving is still a week away, but Christmas has already arrived for beer lovers. Pabst Blue Ribbon has released a limited edition 99 beer case, with three different beers included. In the special “family pack” comes with cans of regular Pabst Blue Ribbon, the low-calorie “Easy” and “Extra.”

Pabst Blue Ribbon is selling a limited-edition 99-pack of beer, so the party never has to end ---- More details in our bio! #rg @vancitynights_corbywalters #pbr #beer #99pabst #99back #pabstblueribbon #party #holidays #limitededition #drinks #cheers #bestproducts

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The limited edition 99 can Pabst Blue Ribbon case is only available on a few states, but luckily Texas is included. Along with Texas the “family pack” will be sold in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. The case first appeared in Minnesota, where it reportedly quickly sold out.

Images of the massive case have quickly gone viral. The case usually takes two people to carry, but hopefully more to finish. This holiday season, Pabst Blue Ribbon is making sure beer drinkers don’t go thirsty.

Via Fox News