Park Ranger Captures The Moment A Groggy Grizzly Bear Emerges From Hibernation

Nicole Gangnon Shared The Video On Twitter And It Quickly Went Viral

March 26, 2020

Michael Roeder

As the weather finally starts to warm up, many animals that have been in hibernation over the last few months have begun to emerge. That includes grizzly bears, who are known for their long periods of hibernation during the winter months. Now, a park ranger in Canada has captured the moment a bear emerged from its slumber, and the video is truly amazing.

Nicole Gangnon, the manager of a Grizzly Bear Refuge in the Canadian Rockies, has been trying to capture the moment their grizzly bear emerges from hibernation for the last eight years. “We’ve always set up trail cameras and our surveillance cameras, and it just seems like every time he decides to dig out, our technology fails,” said Gangnon. Finally, this year she was there to capture the moment herself, and her reaction is priceless.

The grizzly bear, known as Boo, lives alone on the 20-acre refuge located on the property of the Kicking Horse ski resort. “It’s just beautiful to see him face-to-face rather than on a camera. He’s so happy and that just makes your heart sing,’” said Gangnon. Now that Boo is up, Gangnon can get back to spending time with her favorite bear.

Via The Guardian