McKinney ISD Students Petition To Have School Canceled The Day After Halloween

October 31, 2019
Kids Decorating Pumpkins

Photo By Getty Images

First, there was a petition to have Halloween moved to the last Saturday of the month, now there’s a petition to have school canceled the day after. 

Petitions for several different schools to cancel classes on November 1st have gained some serious traction. Over a million people have signed online petitions across the country. 

The description for one petition reads: 

“Kids should not have to go to school after Halloween as it would be incredibly dangerous to do so, due to the multiple adults that are hungover. I do not want to be hit by a car the day after Halloween walking to school, or get into a car accident because of it.”

Here in North Texas, McKinney ISD released a statement saying classes will be held as scheduled on November 1st despite a petition signed by over 10,000 students. 

“MISD has declared it will still be holding school on the Friday after Halloween, despite a student petition asking for the day off that has garnered over 10,000 students’ signatures.”

What do you think? Should we cancel school and take a day off from work the day after, or move Halloween to a Saturday?