Adorable Photo Of A Three Year Old Boy And His Dog Standing In Timeout Together Goes Viral

The Massive Puppy Sits Next To The Young Boy As He Stands With His Face Against The Wall

March 3, 2020


Even at their worst, a dog will always stand by its owner’s side. That was proven recently when a photo of a three year old boy in timeout with his dog went viral. As the boy stood with his face against the wall, his dog went and stood by his side to keep him company.

Jillian Smith of Ohio recently shared the story of her son and his dog, after the boy got into a fight with his older sister. Smith gave her son two options; go to his room or go to timeout. The boy chose timeout, and while he was disappointed, it was his dog that couldn’t bear to see him like that.

“Seeing the two in timeout was adorable, it really showed their relationship together, two peas in a pod, or sidekicks, as Peyton would put it,” said Smith. The photo quickly went viral with thousands of likes, shares and comments, with most shocked about the size of the six month old puppy. Hopefully the boy learned his lesson, even if he got to go through timeout with his loveable dog by his side.

Via Fox News