Politician Proposes Banning Cell Phones From Anyone Under 21

Imagine cell phones being ILLEGAL for kids.

January 18, 2020
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What would kids today do?

Democratic Senator John Rodgers is proposing a bill that would ban young adults under the age of 21 from owning cell phones in his home state of Vermont.

It's possible the Vermont Congress will consider the bill (which was submitted last week), and potentially vote on it.  The reason for Senator Rodgers' bill?  He says that anyone under the age of 21 is not metally or physically mature enough to handle such a device, because:

  1. They play some part in 1.6 million car crashes every year.
  2. They are used as tools to manipulate and bully their fellow young adults: to the point of self-harm and suicide.
  3. They are used as tools by fascists and terrorists to radicalize teenagers to their cause: to the point of possibly becoming a future mass shooter.

Under the proposed bill: at discretion of a judge, if someone under the age of 21 was caught purchasing a cell phone, they could go to jail for a year and/or be fined $1,000.

Most people don't think the bill will pass: including Senator Rodgers.  Still, he believes cell phones cause more damage and death than even guns (and he believes in gun rights).

Source: iDrop News