PopSocket Creates New Product, PopThirst, To Help Avoid Drink Spills

PopSockets Grew In Popularity With Their Pop-Up Button Product For Cell Phones

September 19, 2019

James Woodson

Are you constantly dropping your drink, leading to cleaning up messy spills? Luckily for those who can’t seem to hold on to a cup, there’s a new product to help them out. Just like they did for cell phones, PopSocket has come up with a device to help hold on to a cup, while keeping the drink either hot or cold.

--Introducing the all-new PopThirst! --Designed for cups, cans, and everything in between, it’s the ultimate drinking partner. Cheers!

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For those that don’t know, PopSockets are the pup-up buttons attached on the back of cell phones, making them easier to hold. Now, the same company has created PopThirst, which is a koozie that goes around a cup, with the same pop-up button sticking out of the side. While some may say holding a cup is no problem for them, for those who are constantly dropping and wasting their drink, this is a life saver.

There are two different styles for the PopThirst, one that can hold cans, and one for cups. These koozie like sleeves work for both hold and cold drinks, and will help keep the temperature of the beverage. This new product works on any standard cup, and is available for purchase from the PopSocket website for $15.

Via Fox News