Postal Worker Rents Storage Unit To Hide Mail After Feeling “Pressure” To Deliver On Time

Jason Delacruz Was Charged With The Delay Of Mail By A Postal Employee

January 30, 2020

Paul Bradbury

A United States postal worker was recently caught with a storage unit full of undelivered mail. While this sounds like a situation straight out of an episode of ‘Seinfeld,’ for this man it is no laughing matter. Jason Delacruz was charged in August of 2019 for the delay of mail by a postal employee after pleading guilty, and will find out his punishment next month.

For Jason Delacruz, a mail carrier in Chesapeake, Virginia, the “pressure” of delivery mail on time became too much, so he invested in a public storage unit to buy himself some time. According to court documents, he told authorities he rented to storage unit for $49 a month for “the sole purpose of storing mail he could not deliver." Delacruz claims he began hiding mail in November or December of 2018, and continued until being caught in May of 2019.

While he fully intended to deliver the mail, Delacruz says he fell behind and was never able to deliver the stored mail. Almost 5,000 pieces of mail were discovered in the storage unit. Delacruz no longer works for the postal service, and could be fined or even placed in jail for not delivering the mail on time.