Prince Estate Releases Never Before Heard Original Demo Of ‘I Feel For You’

Prince Wrote The Song Which Became A Hit In 1984 With Chaka Khan’s Version

October 18, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff

It has been three years since Prince passed away, but thanks to years of recording, the world is still getting a taste of new Prince music. Now, in honor of the 40th anniversary of Prince’s self-titled second album, The Prince Estate and Warner Bros. has teamed up to release a never before heard demo from the iconic singer. The track is an acoustic version of Prince’s Grammy-winning hit, ‘I Feel For You.’

Though created by Prince in the winter of 1978-1979, ‘I Feel For You’ later went on to become a hit in 1984 for Chaka Khan. Now, Prince’s original demo of the song has been made available, and can be purchased on a special limited-run 7” vinyl single. An acoustic demo can be found on the A-side, with the original studio recording is on the B-side.

The special release captures a stripped down version of a 20 year old Prince, and begins with the sound of the artist hitting the record button and picking up an acoustic guitar. When discussing the rare track, Prince vault archivist Michael Howe said “I was blown away.” Prince may be gone, but now fans can hear how he would have done one of his many hits he gave to other artists.

Via Hotpress