Warner Bros. Will Begin Auctioning Off Props From ‘Friends’

The most expensive prop will start at an estimated $10,000

November 19, 2019
Friends NBC

Photo by Warner Bros. Television

Have you ever wanted to own Joey’s bedtime penguin pal Hugsy from ‘Friends’? If you’re a huge fan of the '90s sitcom then your answers probably yes. 

Warner Bros. has partnered with the Prop Store, a company that sells original movie props, reproductions and movie memorabilia. The two just announced that next month they would start auctioning off props from ‘Friends’ as part of the 25th anniversary, with all proceeds going towards charity. 

If you’re thinking about getting someone a prop from ‘Friends’ as a Christmas gift, then you might want to go in on one together. The lowest-priced prop is Monica and Chandlers wedding invitation that’s estimated to go for about $1,000- $1,500. The most expensive prop is a reproduction of Ross’ Holiday Armadillo costume priced at an estimated $10,000- $15,000.

Other props and reproductions that are being auctioned off include:

  • A reproduction of the Central Perk orange couch
  • Joey and Chandler's wood canoe and paddles
  • Rachel's Hawaiian-print dress
  • A reproduction of the door picture frame
  • A reproduction of the turkey with sunglasses, fez, and stand

The auction for these props and many other items will begin on Tuesday, December 3rd. 

Via: TV Guide