There’s Now A Sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween Costume

September 19, 2019
Fred Rogers and Daniel Tiger

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Every year we get sexy versions of Halloween costumes that nobody asked for. 

Sexy retailer Yandy has unveiled their line of Halloween costumes for 2019. You would have never thought that one of the nicest people on television would be turned into a sexy Halloween costume. 

Introducing the sexy Mr. Rogers. It includes a red V-neck knit sweater, a detached collar and tie, and high waist gray shorts. The costume is officially titled “The Nicest Neighbor” and costs $59.99. 

You can even complete the costume with two additional puppets that resemble King Friday and Daniel Tiger for an extra $12.95. 

Some of the other sexy Halloween costumes Yandy unveiled include the "Sexy Tariff", "The Beyond Burger" and "Bob Ross in Daisy Dukes". At this point, Halloween can only get weirder. 

Via: New York Post