Spaghetti Warehouse Memorabilia To Be Auctioned Off

You can soon own a piece of history

October 18, 2019
Spaghetti and meat balls

Photo By Getty Images

It will be a sad day when the Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas closes for good this weekend. 

If you wish you could take a piece of history with you, then you’re in luck. Once the iconic Dallas restaurant closes its doors everything will be put up for auction. 

It won’t just be all the kitchen appliances and dining room furniture, but all of the decorative items and cool fixtures that were inside the Spaghetti Warehouse. The online auction will be open to the public. 

According to the company spokesperson Josh Bowman, everything's going to auction; they’re even working on trying to get the trolley cart up on the site as well. 

"We'll have access as soon as they close on October 20, and then we'll post photos of every item for sale. Because this is the original location, we're trying to get everything in the building, even stuff that's bolted to the floor."

 Josh Bowman says it's up to the bidder to remove their items from the location; he’s not sure how the trolley cart will be removed. 

"With items in an auction, it's the bidder's responsibility to get their items out, and we've had people take serious steps with some of the bigger items and fixtures. With something like the trolley, you have to wonder, how did they get it in there in the first place?"

Via: Dallas Culture Map