Spirit Airlines Passengers Forced To Deplane After Drunken Man Pukes In Woman’s Hair

The Entire Experience Was Shared On Twitter By Another Passenger On The Flight

October 11, 2019

Joe Raedle / Staff

Every airline has had their fair share of bad passengers, but when it comes to passengers having a few too many drinks, no one does it quite like Spirit Airlines. A recent Spirit flight from Chicago to Baltimore got derailed on Tuesday after a drunken passenger threw up in a woman’s hair, and eventually forced the entire plane to deplane.

One of the flight’s passengers shared the experience on Twitter, as even for Spirit Airlines, this situation was one of a kind. According to passenger Cassidy Smith, the man vomited soon after boarding, and had no relation to the poor woman he threw up on. In the video posted, a woman can be seen being tended to by flight attendants. According to the twitter thread, she was forced to clean her hair in the plane’s bathroom sink.

The drunken man was eventually escorted off the plane, but unfortunately so was the rest of the passengers. Eventually they were allowed back on the plane, where they had another incident with a drunken couple, unrelated to the first drunken passenger. Spirit Airlines is yet to comment on the incident, but it seems they will continue being the go to airline for drunken passengers.

Via Fox News