College Students Bid Farewell To Closed Taco Bell With Candle Light Vigil

March 2, 2020
Taco Bell

Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images for Taco Bell

Say what you will, but you know that you would do the same thing if the Whataburger down the street from your house closed down too. 

Students from Penn State banned together over the weekend to hold a vigil for the Taco Bell restaurant that was closing. The fast-food joint shut down the popular location and some students wanted to pay their respects where such great memories were made.

In the description of the Facebook event that was made asked students to bring flowers and share their favorite stories from their favorite late-night hang. 

"RIP Gone but never forgotten. Join us as we spice things up outside of our beloved downtown food establishment. Being one of the best spots to spend a late night out, Taco Bell can never be replaced. We will be sharing kind words and lighting candles. Everyone is encouraged to let the world know how they feel!"

Though this location may be gone, there is another Taco Bell restaurant two miles away. 

Taco Bell then. Taco Bell now. Taco Bell forever. #livemas --

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Via: ABC News