Sylvester Stallone Surprised Students & Parents Visiting The Rocky Statue

According to the vice principal Stallone was down to earth and respectful

December 19, 2019
Rocky Balboa Statue

Photo By: Valery Sharifulin/TASS/Sipa USA

Getting to visit Philadelphia with your high school classmates is a one of a kind experience. Meeting a celebrity while on vacation just makes it even better. 

On Monday, a group of 30 students from Eastside High School’s Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism School in Paterson, New Jersey took a field trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, better known as the location of the Rocky steps. 

Their chaperone vice-principal John Super III told the NJ Advance Media that he was taking a video of the kids running up the stairs when he spotted Sylvester Stallone. 

‘We wanted to film the kids running up the stairs. I see Sylvester Stallone actually walking toward me, I’m saying ‘No, no, this isn’t really him. This is probably just a lookalike.'"

Stallone approached the group, gave hugs and took pictures with everybody. According to Super Stallone was down to earth and very respectful.

“He just seemed so down to earth.It was a joy and blessing not only for kids, but the adults that were there. It was a great moment, it really was. He took the time and was respectful with the kids.”

No one is quite sure what Stallone was doing at the statue; he posted a video on Instagram letting his fans know that he has a big project involving the statue coming up. You can watch Sylvester Stallone's video down below. 

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