Taco Bell Releases Soup Made From Pureed Tacos As Part Of New Friendsgiving Party Pack

The New Rolled Chicken Taco Bisque Has Confused Many Online

November 14, 2019

Justin Sullivan / Staff

As beloved as Thanksgiving is due to the mass amount of delicious food that is served, many dread the holiday thanks to negative family interactions. That’s why in the last few years, the concept of “Friendsgiving” has become more and more popular. Plenty of people rather get together with friends and enjoy a meal, as opposed to arguing with family over the dinner table. This year, Taco Bell wants to get involved, launching a new Friendsgiving party pack, with some questionable items included.

Taco Bell wants you to go against the grain and avoid turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy this year. Instead, for your Friendsgiving, Taco Bell is offering a new party pack that includes; six Rolled Chicken Tacos and six Crunchy Tacos, along with the option of three dipping sauces. However, the most shocking part of the new menu item is the new Rolled Chicken Taco Bisque, which is made from pureed taquitos.

The new item was created by Taco Bell Executive Chef Rene Pisciotti in anticipation of the holidays, and includes deep-fried chicken tacos with a series of other, more traditional recipe ingredients like garlic, onions and chicken broth. The bisque can serve two as an entrée or four as an appetizer or side, and can be added to the Friendsgiving Party Pack, which is being sold for $10.99. This year’s Friendsgiving should be interesting for anyone who brings the new Taco Bell party pack.

Via Fox News