Texas Man Goes Viral For Putting On Hilarious At Home Fashion Show By Himself

The Man Walked The Runway Showing Off His Most Casual Looks

March 27, 2020


Fashion shows are usually presenting clothing that while eccentric, probably could never be worn during everyday life. Luckily, one man in Texas is showing off his own casual looks with a solo fashion show from his home. In the now viral video, the man struts down the cat walk in his home, while showing off different looks perfect for at home laziness.

Elias Aragaw was looking to pass the time recently, when he decided to show off some of his best looks while staying home. “Quarantine Showcase for my outfits I’ll be rocking at home for lockdown 2020,” Aragaw said in his post. Some of his looks included a hoodie with sweatpants, a robe and a Dallas Cowboys Snuggie.

“White T-shirt and shorts, very casual look just in case the AC is blowing. Little spin and a flare and away he goes,” Aragaw said as he jokingly narrated his video. While his cat walk skills may not be on a professional level, many online appreciated his take on fashion. With many people quarantined at home, we may soon be seeing a lot more at home fashion shows.

Via Fox News