You Can Now Be A “Sexy” Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich For Halloween

Online Retailer Yandy Is Now Offering A Costume Based On The Viral Chicken Sandwich

October 21, 2019

Joe Raedle / Staff

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to start really thinking about what costume would make you the talk of the holiday. There will be plenty of people dressed as a sexy witch, or a sexy cat, but most likely there won’t be anyone dressed as a sexy chicken sandwich, until now. Online retailer Yandy, who has already gone viral for their sexy Mr. Rogers and sexy College admission scandal costumes, is now offering a sexy new costume inspired by the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich viral sensation.

The costume, which is being sold for $79.99 doesn’t mention Popeyes by name, but it is pretty clear what the reference is. The body suit has a "textured chicken patty interior," with a “sold out” sign on the bottom. Yandy even one upped their own idea their own idea, by tweeting out a photo of a model wearing the costume next to another in a cow costume, for Chick-fil-A.

Many on social media were quick to react, with some even saying that they now plan on being the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich for Halloween. For those that do, they may want to bring a bucket of chicken or some items from Popeyes to add to the costume. If they still can’t figure out what you are, at least you have some chicken for the night.

Via Yahoo!