Billie Joe Armstrong Reveals Which Green Day Song Is Too Hard To Perform Live

December 27, 2019
Green Day Performing Live

(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images

There are just some songs musicians can’t perform live.  

Green Day has tons of songs from their music catalog to pick from; oddly enough they can’t play some of them live. 

Frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong posted a video of a young band performing a cover of ‘Macy’s Day Parade’ on Instagram. In the comment section, one fan asked why Green Day doesn’t play ‘Panic Song’ from the groups 'Insomniac' album.

Armstrong replied with a very simple answer.

“It’s too hard, and I’m too lazy.”

Welcome to paradise! Punk as F!!

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At least Billie Joe was honest as to why the band doesn’t play ‘Panic Song’. What songs are you hoping to hear when the band comes to town with Fall Out Boy and Weezer? 

Via: Alt Press