Uber Testing New Feature In Dallas That Lets Your Pets Ride With You

February 12, 2020
Dog in the car

Photo By Getty Images

The days of asking your Uber driver the awkward question,'Is it all right if my dog tags along?' are coming to an end.

You and your furry best friend can now book an Uber ride together. The rideshare company is testing a new feature in Dallas that lets you select a pet option. 

The feature will let your driver know ahead of time that a pet will be joining you for the ride. Riders in Dallas that use the Uber Pet program will be charged a $5 fee. Totally worth it if you don’t feel like driving with your pet. 

According to Uber’s website, drivers can opt-out of the pet feature if they choose to do so, but will still be required to allow service animals in their vehicles regardless of the Uber Pet feature.

Will you be using the new Uber pet feature?