[Video] UNT Football Player Wears T-Rex Costume To Press Conference

After A Huge Game, Quarterback Mason Fine Had Some Halloween Fun

November 4, 2019

Dianne Manson / Stringer

There are many ways to celebrate having the game of your life, but for UNT Quarterback Mason Fine, all he wanted to do was have some Halloween fun. Two days after the holiday, Fine had a career day, throwing seven touchdowns in UNT’s victory over UTEP. However, the real story came after the game, when Fine showed up to the post-game press conference wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume.

Mason Fine, the University of North Texas’ senior quarterback had one of the best games of his career on Saturday, but somehow outdid himself during the post-game press conference. Though Halloween was over, Fine decided to show up in his T-Rex costume. Sitting next to two of his teammates, all anyone seemed to be able to focus on was the ridiculous dinosaur costume.

Though Fine got a ton of laughs for his post-game shenanigans, it was eventually too much even for him. Mid way through the press conference, Fine took off the costume, claiming it was too hot inside the inflatable T-Rex. Mason Fine helped UNT to victory with a career day, and also capped off Halloween in the perfect way.

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