Video Shows Bill Murray Knocking His Putt In Without Looking At Pebble Beach

February 10, 2020
Bill Murray playing golf

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

While all the stars were in Hollywood celebrating the Oscars, actor Bill Murray stole the show at Pebble Beach. 

Over the weekend, the comedian played in the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. 

While on the 7th hole, Murray missed a 15-foot putt. As it was obvious that the ball wasn’t going in, Murray proceeded to walk off giving him a violation. While the ball was still rolling Murray with his back turned knocked the ball with his putter and it magically fell in. 

Murray straight-faced and unaware, threw his putter in the air and the crowd following him erupted in applause. 

Check out the video down below. 

Via: Golf