[Video] Kid Sings ‘Fat Guy In A Little Coat’ While In Perfect ‘Tommy Boy’ Halloween Costume

Chris Farley Would Be Very Proud Of This Spot On Halloween Costume

October 30, 2019

Frazer Harrison / Staff

One of the greatest gifts Chris Farley has to the world was the film ‘Tommy Boy.’ Not only is it a hilarious movie, but it makes for a great Halloween costume, especially for children. In a new viral video, a child does his rendition of ‘Fat Guy in a Little Coat’ in his spot in Halloween costume.

It’s over, Tommy Boy has won the Halloween Costume contest @lightscamerabarstool (via @antoed827)

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Shared by his parents on Instagram, the child is dress insight fitting clothes, and of course a cost that is way too small. The child has his arms out, with his chest puffed out, in classic Farley fashion. He begins twisting his hips and singing the classic tune from ‘Tommy Boy.’

The video quickly went viral as the adorable costume was a great reminder of the classic film and hilarious comedian. While it has been years since ‘Tommy Boy’ was released, clearly dressing as Farley is still a hit costume. This is a reminder that while your child may want to dress as a Marvel character, dressing them as character from a movie they probably haven’t seen will be a way bigger hit.

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