[Video] Man Breaks Into Taco Bell And Cooks Himself A Meal Before Taking A Nap

Police In Georgia Recently Shared Security Footage Of The Man’s Crime

January 9, 2020

Dave Kotinsky / Stringer

Taco Bell was pretty much made for late night eating, but if your local chain is closed, it’s probably best to find somewhere else to eat. One man in Georgia didn’t seem to like that option, as surveillance footage shows a man breaking into a Taco Bell and making himself a meal, before taking a nap. The now viral footage shows the man definitely knew what he was doing in a Taco Bell kitchen.

Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia shared surveillance footage from a Taco Bell showing a man breaking in to make himself a meal. The post was shared on Wednesday, but according to police the crime took place on Christmas morning. The video shows the man had knowledge of Taco Bell, as he was able to easily find ingredients, and cook in their kitchen.

This is not the only criminal activity that happened at a Taco Bell over the holidays. A Taco Bell employee in Michigan was arrested recently after causing severe damage to the chain’s location. After these recent incidents, Taco Bell may want to think about stepping up security a bit.

Via Fox News