[Video] ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestants Struggle To Solve Extremely Easy Puzzle

With Only One Letter Missing, The Contestants Still Couldn’t Guess The Common Phrase

October 23, 2019

Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer

When watching a game show from home, it’s easy to think you should be a contestant on the game as you answer all the questions from the couch. However, when the pressure is on, with the lights, cameras and audience starring you down, it’s easy to mess up even the easiest of questions. That’s exactly what happened recently on ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ when all three contestants couldn’t solve a puzzle with one letter remaining, even though it was a very commonly used phrase.

On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ all three contestants struggled to figure out the expression “the question remains” even as more letters were revealed. Guesses included “the question rounds,” “the question raising” and “the question reminds.” Finally, the third contestant bought an “E” to leave only an “A” remaining in the puzzle.

Fans watching from home quickly went to social media to share their frustrations with the contestants for not figuring out the simple puzzle. Even host Pat Sajak was shocked, joking “Good job. I never thought it would get back to you!” when the game came full circle and the first contestant got another chance. While this attempt has since gone viral, it’s a lot easier to find the answer form home, than it is to do in studio when the pressure is on.

Via Yahoo!