The Who’s Pete Townshend Claims Guitar Rock Is Dead

The Guitarist Said Guitarists Have “Exhausted The Possibilities” Of The Instrument

September 30, 2019

Ron Elkman

As music continues to change in so many ways, the question for many music aficionados remains; is rock & roll dead? While many bands continue to make new rock music, it doesn’t top the charts the way it used to. The Who’s Pete Townshend believes rock music is still alive and well, however he claims it is guitar rock that is dead, as “they've literally exhausted the possibilities of the guitar.”

Pete Townshend is now 74 years old, and the Who continue to tour around the country, so the guitarist is probably sick of being asked if rock & roll is dead. While Townshend said he believes guitar rock players have “exhausted the possibilities” for the instrument. Yet, the rock icon also believes new forms of music expression will continue to be developed into the future.

“The guitar may be losing ground, but in part, that's because if you spend an hour on Instagram or YouTube, you will quickly discover unknown people playing the guitar the way a great orchestral violinist like Yehudi Menuhin once might have played his instrument,” said Townshend. While Townshend claims everything has already been done with the guitar, plenty of people on social media disagreed with the rock icon. Still, as music continues to develop, fans must ask what will happen to the guitar.

Via Ultimate Classic Rock