Will Smith Surprises Fans While Undercover As A Lyft Driver

The Actor Picked Up Passengers For Lyft Whole Promoting His New Movie ‘Bad Boys For Life’

January 23, 2020

Sipa USA

A group of people in Florida were shocked this week when they ordered a ride on Lyft only to have Will Smith come and pick them up. The actor teamed up with the ride sharing app to promote his new film, ‘Bad Boys For Life,’ and give a few customers the ride of a lifetime. Not only did they get to spend time with a celebrity, but they received free rides from Lyft for a year as well.

Four Lyft passengers in Florida were shocked when they were picked up by Will Smith driving a 2020 Porsche Taycan. As the video shows, their rides were full of laughs and memorable moments. Smith, who was seemingly in character as detective Mike Lowry, had his passengers attempt their best ‘Bad Boys’ impression, having one of them try a “Freeze. Police.”

Will Smith even had one rider FaceTime his girlfriend, who claimed to watch the original ‘Bad Boys’ movie on a regular basis. The celebrity surprise wasn’t the only eventful moment of the ride, as Smith let each passenger know after that they would receive a year of free rides from Lyft. This Will Smith ride share experience is one these riders will definitely be talking about for a long time.

Via AP News