Woman Called “Genius” For Her Trick To Avoid Paying Baggage Fee At Airport

The Woman’s Bag Was Overweight, So She Found The Perfect Solution To Lowering The Weight

October 21, 2019

Ralf Geithe

Packing for a flight can be extremely stressful, especially when trying to avoid paying the excess bag fees. People are always looking for tips and tricks to packing in order to get luggage under the required weight limit. One woman recently went viral after her travel hack got her bag to the proper weight limit. All she did was wear all of her clothes.

Gel Rodriguez recently shared a photo of herself covered in layers of clothing while at the airport. According to her Facebook post, Rodriguez was able to drop her suitcase’s weight from 19 pounds to 14 pounds by removing a few items of clothing, and putting them on. Rodriguez can be seen wearing at least three tops, two pairs of trousers and four cardigans.

Her photo quickly went viral, as many called her move “genius,” as it prevented her from paying the dreaded luggage fee. Her photo has since been shared nearly 20,000 times. While some may try this on their next flight, Rodriguez warns “It was really hot.”

Via Fox News