New Study Shows Women Who Hold In Their Emotions May Have A Higher Risk Of A Stroke

September 30, 2019
Woman Holding a heart

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You might want to express your emotions more often, it could be good for your heart. 

A new study done by researchers with the North American Menopause Society showed that women who bottle up their emotions have a higher risk of experiencing a stroke or other cardiovascular problems. 

Researchers observed 304 women who were in the early stages of menopause or who already went through menopause and whether holding in one’s emotions, were associated with greater plaque buildup in the heart that could eventually lead to stroke or other issues.

Their findings proved that withholding one's emotions was related to increased odds of plaque independent of socio-demographics, CVD risk factors, and depression. 

While their results showed a correlation, it did not indicate that bottling up emotions was the main cause of strokes or other cardiovascular problems. 

Via: FOX 4 News