YouTube Star Covers Guns N’ Roses ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ In 20 Different Styles

Anthony Vincent Covers The Song In The Style Of Lady Gaga, The Village People, Alice In Chains And More

November 12, 2019

Press Association

As most musicians know, pulling off a good cover version of a beloved song is an extremely difficult task. Artists try to be different, but listeners usually just want to hear the original. That didn’t stop one YouTube star who not only did a cover of Guns N’ Roses ‘Welcome To The Jungle,’ but did it in 20 different styles.

Anthony Vincent has gained viral fame for his YouTube videos “Ten Second Songs,” but his latest video may be his most impressive yet. Vincent covered ‘Welcome To The Jungle,’ by Guns N’ Roses, but did so while emulating 20 other artists. Along with a few generic genres mixed in, the artists he imitated include Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, The Village People, James Brown, Alice In Chains and more.

Of course, Vincent also covered the original song, with a decent Axl Rose impression. May fans have pointed to his Rammstein portion, where he does the song in German, as the most impressive. Using different music styles, along with imitating other known artists, Anthony Vincent’s version of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ May be the most interesting cover of all time.

Via Loudwire