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Dallas Apparently Still In The Running For Amazon's HQ2, As Company Denies Crystal City Has Been Selected

Dallas, New York and Crystal City of Arlington, Virginia Are All In Late-Stage Talks With Amazon

November 4, 2018

Crystal City in Northern Virginia shouldn’t be celebrating just yet, as it seems the reports that they had been selected for Amazon’s HQ2 site may have been premature. While it was reported last week that a winner had been chosen, Amazon executives quickly shut that down. Now a new report states that while Crystal City is indeed in the running, so are New York, and Dallas, Texas.

Talks are currently in late stages with the final cities. It is unclear which phase of the process each city is in, but reports say they could be at different points with all three. In northern Virginia, Amazon officials are reportedly in discussion with the city on possible incentives. This is what could have led to the early report of victory for Crystal City.

After the initial report, Amazon Director of Economic Development Mike Grella admonished those who may have leaked the premature information, in a tweet sent from his personal account. He also went after the Washington Post for writing about where Amazon Founder and CEO’s travels to may give answers on which city may win in a follow up tweet.

The initial list of potential locations for Amazon’s new headquarters, or HQ2, had 20 cities on it. The majority of those cities have seen talks cool with the retail giant. There are no other cities in the running being reported as of now, other than Crystal City, New York and Dallas. This is seemingly a tough decision for Amazon, as some believe they may decide to place smaller operations in runner-up cities.

While there is still no official word, many believe Crystal City, the neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia is still the front runner. However, the fact that Dallas is still in the running is great news for the metroplex. While Dallas and surrounding cities have seen great growth over the last decade, having the retail giant in town would do wonders for DFW. Amazon has given themselves until the end of 2018 to make their final decision, but many believe the decision could come later this month, as final talks begin to ramp up.

Via The Wall Street Journal