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American Exchange Students Cause Fire In Italy After Trying To Cook Pasta Without Water

March 22, 2018

It doesn't take a ton of cooking expertise to be able to boil some pasta.

Only two ingredients are required after all.  But sometimes, that's just a little too difficult for some people.  Three 20-year-old Americans studying abroad in Italy reportedly only used half of the two ingredients required to boil pasta.  They dropped a bunch of noodles in a pot, turned it on, and waited for their pasta to boil.  Instead, it caught on fire.  Luckily, the fire department arrived quickly and was able to extinguish the fire before any further damage could be caused.  They even tried to joke with the girls, saying they didn't know "how to cook pasta, either."  We highly doubt that.

While some of the commentators of the Italian newspaper La Nazione were less than kind (one said "Return to the USA to eat hamburgers & chips from [McDonald’s]"), Florentine chef Fabio Picchi offered free cooking lessons for the girls in one of his restaurants.  He told La Nazione, "They will have lunch in our restaurant with two of my extraordinary cooks.  They will teach them the simple basics that are very good if done well.  I think this can be useful to them, but also to us.  Understanding is what is beautiful and necessary."

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