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Half Of American Workers Can't Find The Time For Lunch Breaks Anymore

September 10, 2018

Fewer and fewer American workers are taking lunch breaks these days, simply because, we can't.

As companies look to save money, people are often tasked with covering the work of two, sometimes three, employees.  With the increased workload, Americans are finding it harder and harder to spare even 30 minutes to themselves for lunch.  And it looks like this is something we'll all just have to get used to.  

Ravi Kudesia, a professor in the Human Resources Management Department at Temple University, said, "Work now is not a single person doing a single job to a single supervisor.  So the ability to block out and schedule and block out a single concrete amount of time is not really there."  And while not breaking from work may lead to us being better focused on the job, it definitely can lead to "burnout."

So for those of us that can't step away from the office for a lunch break, Kudesia says its best to allow ourselves "micro-breaks."  Keep your desk drawer stocked with snacks to nibble on throughout the day, and experts say the key is to make sure the snacks have "substance."