Hippo and her calf

Photo By Getty Images

The Dallas Zoo Welcomes Newborn Hippopotamus

May 16, 2019

Earlier the week the Dallas Zoo welcomed the latest addition to their hippo family. 

After being in labor for seven hours, 12-year-old Boipelo gave birth to a healthy Nile hippopotamus calf on Tuesday, May 14th, at around 6:30 PM. 

The zoo says both mom Boipelo and her newborn calf are doing just fine as they are bonding in a private exhibit. The sex of the newborn baby has yet to be determined. The zoo posted a video of Boipelo giving birth on Twitter. 

The Dallas Zoo has been preparing for the new calf since January, according to Matt James, the Dallas Zoo’s Senior Director of Animal Care, Boipelohas been doing a great job of caring for her calf. “The baby immediately began moving and kicking and Boipelo swiftly nudged it to the ledge of the pool, where the baby sprawled out and took a break. Boipelo has been very attentive, gently nudging the calf to the surface for air after each nursing session.”

Boipelohad a rough 2018; in February she lost her first calf just moments after delivery, then October she suddenly lost her mate. Glad to see that she’s doing much better now.