Brown Bear, Paw, Claw, Rock

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Bear Caught Relaxing In Hot Tub And Drinking Margaritas

July 4, 2018

A homeowner in Southern California heard a disturbance one afternoon and found that his pool was occupied by an intruder.

He didn't take immediate action however, as the intruder was relaxing in the hot tub and the homeowner had a feeling he wouldn't want to be disturbed.  Plus it was a gigantic bear.  Mark Hough was hanging out with his wife in their backyard when he heard a rustling near a fence.  He then witnessed the bear climb over the fence, when he and his wife bolted immediately.  

They went inside, but left their margaritas behind, which was lucky for the bear because it wasn't long before he found himself relaxing in their unheated hot tub and then making his way to their margaritas where he lapped up a couple of good tastes.

Later, Hough watched the bear take a nap in an oak tree before he made his way down the street.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department received six bear-sighting calls that day, but were unable to find it.

Via NY Post