Bill Maher Disrespects Stan Lee And Comic Book Fans After Icon's Death

The internet Is Not Very Happy With Bill Maher's Blog Post Right Now

November 17, 2018

People aren’t too thrilled with Bill Maher after the late night host made some comments about author Stan Lee. Many are calling what he said about the late Marvel Comics creator disrespectful, after Maher wrote about Lee in a blog post Saturday. While many were upset about the death of an icon, and rightfully mourning the loss, Bill Maher chose this time to let his feelings on comic books be heard.  

“America is mourning,” said Bill Maher in his blog post. “Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don’t know, what a movie, I guess.” Throughout the post, Maher admonished Comic books as childish. He continued writing, “comics were for kids, and when you grew up you moved on to big-boy books without pictures.”

While Bill Maher did admit to enjoying comic books as a child, he attacked those who still enjoy the form of literature. Of course he did not stop there, also bringing in millennials, arguing they didn’t want to grow up. “Adults decided they didn’t have to give up kid stuff, and so they pretended comic books were actually sophisticated literature,” said Maher in his post.

Of course the internet was not happy with what Maher was saying, or the timing of his blog post. Many were quick to not only point out the relevancy of comic books today, but also Maher’s participation in a Marvel movie.

Maher is yet to comment on his blog, but it is clear his opinion was met with anger and confusion. Stan Lee’s impact on movies, literature and culture is clear. The Marvel author passed away Monday at the age of 95, and while many were mourning his lose, Bill Maher felt it was a necessary time for some good old fashion nerd bashing.

Via USA Today