Rowlett's Crystal Lagoon Has Been Scrapped

July 30, 2018

Sorry Rowlett. If you thought you were getting an 8 acre crystal lagoon, you would be wrong. Apparently the developers of the billion-dollar Bayside project are scrapping the crystal lagoon altogether.

In a special meeting last Thursday, the Rowlett City Council was given the bad news. According to Dallas News, developer, Tom D'Alesandro, told the council that...

"Lagoons work for resorts and as neighborhood amenities, such as one planned in Prosper. But to make Bayside and Rowlett a draw as an office destination and fill 1.7 million square feet with business tenants, creating an artificial lagoon wasn't the best idea."

There are still plans for a hotel, convention center, and a place for concerts. Christie Ten Eyck, the landscape architect on the project said...

"We believe in creating authentic places. Places that speak to the region. That make you unique to everywhere else in the world."

Ummmmmm, call us crazy, but a giant man-made lagoon would definitely make Rowlett stand out!!!!!!!!!!