VIDEO: Does Lake Lewisville Have Alligators?

October 9, 2018

YouTube user Paul Grove claims he has video evidence of an alligator in Lake Lewisville. 

The video was shot near the Lake Lewisville dam and uploaded to YouTube back in August. However, from how far away the object in the video it's hard to tell if it's actually an alligator.

One YouTube commenter points out that it could have been an alligator gar, which still has some pretty serious teeth. See the below picture for reference.

NBCDFW reports the last time an alligator was found in Lake Lewisville was June 2015. 

That alligator was 9-feet long and was discovered by Lake Manager, Ron Jordon. However, that alligator was discovered in an area blocked off to the public. This video is taken by the dam where people fish and swim.