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(Photo by Joe Lamberti/Courier Post via USA TODAY NETWORK)

U2 Cuts Concert Short After Bono Loses Voice Four Songs In

September 3, 2018

U2 came out with a fury for their performance in Berlin.  Unfortunately, that fury was soon cut short, four songs in to be exact, after Bono suddenly lost his voice and was unable to continue.

After the group's performance of "Red Flag Day," Bono began clearing his throat, and suddenly lost his ability to project.  The singer believes it was due to the smoke on stage.  Bono said during the show, "I think it's the smoke. I can promise you I have not been talking, but this is like a giant cigar -- I've lost my voice and I don't know what to do."  

Bono was sure his voice would clear after a while, but unfortunately that was not the case.

The group is sure whatever condition that led to Bono losing his voice will soon pass, and they can continue touring as scheduled.  Bono said in a statement, "So happy and relieved that anything serious has been ruled out.  My relief is tempered by the knowledge that the Berlin audience were so inconvenienced. There was an amazing atmosphere in the house, it was going to be one of those unforgettable nights but not for this reason. ... We can't wait to get back there on November 13."

The band is scheduled to perform next Tuesday at a sold-out show in Cologne, Germany.