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Bottled Hot Dog Water Is Now Available

June 21, 2018

A festival in Vancouver has revealed a new trend in bottled water. 

Usually people associate drinking water as a healthly thing to do, but this new variation is going to take a lot of convincing.  At the festival there were plenty of vendors selling food and drinks, but one vendor stood out more than the others.  They were selling "hot dog water".  

The vendor had a man in a full body hot dog costume handing out bottles of water that was used to boil hot dogs in.  The going rate per bottle was $37.99 Canadian dollars which roughly converts to $28.57 per bottle in U.S. dollars.  According to the sellers the water is perfectly fine and healthy to drink.  It's gluten-free and sodium rich to help boost electrolytes, as well as help you lose weight and look younger.

So who who's ready to try some?!

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